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*ChirpChirp* - Black Gate Moods

Dec. 2nd, 2003

02:45 am - *ChirpChirp*

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Things have been fairly quiet lately, haven't they? Well...thanks to my brother and his love of classic Metal, I've discovered another good mood theme for Ky. In this case, Manowar's 'Battle Hymns'.

What really caught me about the song was the feeling of honor and the courage against what feel like impossible odds. Obviously, its a song about war and the soliders that go into battle to die. Really, I think it fits with Ky's childhood, the time he spent as part of the Seikishidan, fighting a seemingly impossible war. If I had to pick any particular part of the war to apply it to in his memory, I'd pick the Battle of Rome from Drama CD Sides Red and Black. He was sure he was probably going into battle to die and asked for volunteers rather than force his men to go to their deaths. That every single man chose to go with him into battle matches the honor, loyalty and courage in the song.

Anyway! Onto the lyrics!

Manowar, "Battle Hymns"

By moonlight we ride
Ten thousands side by side
With swords drawn held high
Our whips and armour shine
Hail to thee our infantry
Still brave beyond the grave
All sworn the eternal vow
The time to strike is now

Gone are the days when freedom shone
Now blood and steel meet bone
In the light of the battle's way
The sands of time will shake
How proud our soldiers stand
With mace and chain in hand
Sound of charge into glory
Ride over the top of their vanguished pride

To the battle we ride
We crossed a starlit sky
No space no time
We'll catch the wind
Strange losses, men died
We crossed a starlit sky
And still no space and time
We'll catch the wind

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Date:December 2nd, 2003 04:13 am (UTC)
Manowar had some great ones ^_^ Check out 'Masters of the Wind' sometime too!
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