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Quote me green! - Black Gate Moods

Jul. 31st, 2003

12:45 am - Quote me green!

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I felt like pulling out some quotes. ^__^

"Humanity invented us (the undead). You who would stand and sin at a constance notice, denying the very law of god simply because of your flexible spirituality. You murder the living for his grace, you carry Crusades in his blood, you victimize the innocent, tatter the faithful, and infect the planet. Who are we but the physical embodiment of your everyday sin? A creation by your hand to punish us for your evils. Humanity's already a hard lot, and our threat is a gentle one compared to you against your own specie" [Lucifer speaking to Hakue during a fight]

"You speak of defying Vestputian, my kind, death... all the things which have turned you into what you are. You speak of such things as if your continued existence was your choice and your choice alone, but the fact is, human, that you were beneath the notice of them all." [Lucifer talking to a rebel]

Johnny: "WELCOME! Welcome to JOHNNY ISLAND!"
Hakue: "...Johnny Island... but from what I've heard, this is /CRIMSON/ Island."
Johnny: "Oh no, fair maiden, do not be deluded by what the locals have informed you. This is indeed Johnny Island. Let me demonstrate."*claps his hands, causing the wide assortment of twelve little girls to gather and blink at Hakue with wide eyes.*"Tell her girls... just what is this Island...?"
His Girls: "o/` Oooooooooooh I WELCOME YOU! WELCOME YOU! Welcome you to Joooohnny Island! The sun it sparks, the ocean it marks the trail to Johnny ISLAND! A white toothed grin, no one else like him, WELCOME TO JOHNNY ISLAND! The sand is white, the weather is right for this is JOHNNY ISLAND! o/`"
Johnny: "Thank you, any questions?"

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