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Dec. 2nd, 2003

02:45 am - *ChirpChirp*

Things have been fairly quiet lately, haven't they? Well...thanks to my brother and his love of classic Metal, I've discovered another good mood theme for Ky. In this case, Manowar's 'Battle Hymns'.

My thoughts on the song and the lyrics.Collapse )

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Oct. 17th, 2003

05:47 am - Random geek moment of the night.

Admittedly, I'm not usually much of one for character soundtracks and the like. But I owe you one for pointing this out to me as a perfect 'Ky to Sol' track, plasticchimera. As usual, it was dead-on.

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Sep. 28th, 2003

04:10 pm

Felt the need to use BGM again. =)

Edea Reflecting on the Status of her Original Children
You know. Zell, Seifer, Six, etc. Hard not to think about them all all the time, especially when most of them don't know/forgot who you are. =D

Artist: E+Nomine
Song: Der Herr ist mein Hirte

Der Herr ist mein Hirte-Interlude
Der Herr ist mein Hirte,
Mir wird nichts mangeln.
Er weidet mich auf einer grünen Aue,
Und führet mich zum frischen Wasser.

Er erquicket meine Seele.
Er führet mich auf rechter Straße.
Um seines Namen Willen.

Und ob ich schon wanderte im finsteren Tal,
Fürchte ich kein Unglück, denn Du bist bei mir.
Dein Stecken und Stab trösten mich.
Du bereitest vor mir einen Tisch im Angesicht meiner Feinde.

Du salbest mein haupt mit Öl und schenkest mir voll ein.
Gutes und Barmherzigkeit werden mir folgen mein Leben lang.
Und ich werde bleiben im Hausedes Herren immerdar.

English Trans:
Magic is myself
Magic is not myself,
Something that I lack.
It feasts me on a green Aue,
and leads me to the fresh water.
It refreshes my soul.
It leads me on right road.
Around their names will.
And whether I already moved,
I have no misfortune of fear in the Dark Valley,
because you are all with me.
Your putting and staff troesten me.
You prepare a table in the face of my enemies before me.
You salbest my head with oil and gives me fully.
Good and mercy will follow me my life long.
And I will remain in the illusion of magic always.

Probably didn't translate it right, but its still a beautiful song.

Sep. 27th, 2003

05:25 pm - Themesongage.

Great themesong for Seifer, if you ask me. If you replace blue with green, anyway. And no, this isn't really a Limp Bizkit song. It's a cover. The Who originally did it, though Durst and his little gang altered the lyrics a bit. I like them both, so the switched lyrics are at the bottom.

Behind Blue (er.. Green!) Eyes -- Limp BizkitCollapse )

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Sep. 19th, 2003

11:58 pm - A little something for the Reapers in the audience...

Enemy inside of me!

I'm caught! I cannot kick them out
Their claws are wrapped around my throat and they are squeezing tighter
Insanity is coming over me
Their every wish is my command
No way out!

I feed them, you will too!
They're gonna take control of you!
You'll know when they have got you trapped
Everything looks cloudy and you feel like you're on fire
Inhabited, I wish that I were dead
My blood has turned from red to black
No way out!

When they come for you
They see right through your flesh and bones for soon you'll be their home
They know you deep inside, the things you can't try to hide
No hope after the first bite

Look out 'cause they are onto you
They'll cut you open, crawl inside and you'll be lost forever
Don't try to run 'cause you're the chosen one
Your world is gone, no turning back
No way out!

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Sep. 10th, 2003

11:43 am - For Alucard.

Yeah, when I'm in the sky
I'm too far away
Gotta kick in to feel it
Terminate another no one is my brother
yeah! The sun burns on me
Well, hell is home tomb - city - stone
nail me to another cross
[yeah!] Pour the gasoline, yeah
burn the fucker clean
Tell me who'd she coo I want her
Like a suicide flex
hit the run and hide!
Tell me who'd she coo
shine the body!

Yeah...Omega-man say,
"It's all gone away,
I cannot believe it."
Well I am the one
a god with a gun
I am Legend!!
Planet - grave - hard
kill the slave
nail me to another cross [yeah!]
Pour the gasoline,
yeah burn the fucker clean,
Tell me who'd she coo I want her
Like a suicide flex
hit the run and hide
Tell me who'd she coo
shine the body
- vampire sharpshooter
"O" I said, "A messenger for the damned"
I got a holy gun
come a loaded to kill
everything that I am.
Well I am the only nitty-gritty
ride a rail and look at the crime
yeah! well I am the only [god?] one they can find.

'I Am Legend' -- White Zombie

Sep. 2nd, 2003

05:28 pm

Some lyrics for Saladin/Sherazard.

And because no one uses this place anymore! It needs revival.

Here Without You.Collapse )

Aug. 7th, 2003

12:14 pm - Madoushi.

Some stuff for Akai Kiri--the Red Mist, Madoushi, Demon Magician-- from Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

"Answer my passion... my sword!"
"...You Windarians and your guns." (sound familiar? stolen and modified from Magneto of the first X-Men movie.)

This actually works even better if you take 'sleeping' in the context the Mysidians (Kiri and Kumo) constantly use it in the anime: basically, it's used to mean death, or some variant level of death.

So Far Away -- StaindCollapse )

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Aug. 5th, 2003

06:38 am - A collection of lyrics.

Beramode and Saladin:
Bring Me To Life Collapse )

For the Rovers:
Night Ride Across the CaucasusCollapse )

Jul. 31st, 2003

12:45 am - Quote me green!

I felt like pulling out some quotes. ^__^

LUCIFERCollapse )

JOHNNYCollapse )

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